Playground Mulching Gallaudet University

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Founded in 1864, Gallaudet University (GU) is a federally-chartered private University
for the education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing located in Washington, DC, on a
99 acres campus, being the first school with this specialty in the world, adjusting
programs and services to accommodate students with special capabilities.
GU awarded Commercial 1 Services with the development of the University’s
playground and Zip Line Area. The objective was not only to improve the playground appearance, but also to make it
safer for students and instructors.
This case study depicts the different steps followed to complete this project from the beginning until its completion.
The whole project took 6 days to be completed involving site survey, miss utility approval, excavation, liners allocation,
mulching, cleaning up and lawn restoration.

STEP 1 — Site Survey
A survey of the lot was required to inspect the Zip Line games, wood-base structures, ground condition, and existing
fence. It was important to understand the ground limits of the construction and mark the perimeter for the excavation

STEP 2 — Approval from Miss Utility, DC
Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground such as lines for
telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, etc.
This approval procedure is very important because it ensures any unwanted damages or disruptor of services. In
addition, it improves the safety for our staff during the excavation and the construction process.

STEP 3 — Excavation & Dispose of TONS of soil
For this project we had to dig about 6” in depth using for the most part steer skid loaders (commonly referred as
Bobcats). Our crew removed close to 40 TON of soil. The picture on the right shows Arturo Trejo using a bobcat S-185.
Soil was hauled away and properly disposed away from the campus. The soil removed was reused for other future
projects. This task was the most challenging since it took several days to be completed.

Step 4. Commercial Grade Liners Installation
Once the ground was prepared and leveled, the next step was to lay down thick commercial-grade liners along the
recent excavated area. Placing these liners is required to prevent any unwanted grass or weed that could potentially
grow back to the surface.

Step 5. Mulching
Our landscaping crew spread out 110 TONS of shredded wood carpet mulch as shown in the pictures. This is a special
outdoor mulch ideal to be used as playground since is safer, heat-resistant, cushion falls & helps prevent injuries to
adults and children. This playground mulch, light in color, offers a great way to protect students from harm when
using slides, swing sets, zip lines and any other playground equipment.

Step 6. Clean Up and Lawn restoration
Once completed the next and final step was to do a full clean-up to restore the damage lawn area caused by the skid
loader tracks.
For landscaping design services, like the one described in this case study, please do not hesitate to contact us (703)
491-1462 or at Contact@Commercial1Services.