Landscaping Design Olive Garden

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On July 2017, the well-known Italian restaurant in Fredericksburg Virginia, Olive Garden, went through a major landscape redesign and exterior renovation. Commercial 1 Services was the company in charge to make that happened.

This landscaping project had several objectives, including:
• To improve the overall landscaping appealing to the patrons
• To reduce the trimming and maintenance of scrubs and bushes
• To significantly reduce the need of weed control
• To make visible the handicap signs in the parking lot
• To significantly improve the restaurant sign visibility from the newly routed exit 130-B on 95 south, and plank rd. road expansion.
This project was completed in one week from start to finish. The landscaping crew led by Ruben Trejo successfully completed this project leaving OG management and the patrons very happy. In summary this project consisted in removing old scrubs and bushes along the façade and sides of the restaurant. Removing 4 to 5 inches of soil, and several trees around the property. Placing a weed-barrier fabric along designated areas. Rerouting and adding new sprinkler lines. In addition to placing 25 yards river rock 3”, and finally replacing the
old scrubs with newly planted roses and a red Japanese maple tree.
For landscaping designs and restoration, like the one described in this case study, please do not hesitate to contact us
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