Common Area Cleaning & Grounds Maintenance Oaks Condominium

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Commercial 1 Services provides daily service to a large condominium complex in the heart of Laurel, MD. This residential complex encompasses five stand-alone buildings each with storage units, a gymnasium, trash collection area, and private parking lot.

Our main responsibility is to maintain clean all the common areas throughout the condominium complex. Below is a list of the cleaning tasks and duties that are part of this service:

• Policing common grounds
• Removing dog waste
• Vacuuming carpeted areas
• Replacing lights bulbs
• Sweeping and mopping storage unit floors
• Removing cobwebs in corners & baseboards
• Disinfecting & cleaning fitness center equipment
• Washing all exterior windows
• Carpet shampooing
• Maintaining dumpster area clean and free of debris
• Separating trash and recycle
• Keeping trash bins clean
• Polishing door knobs & kick plates
• Blowing leaves away from sidewalk curbs, walkway, & entrances.
• Reporting bulk trash, water leaks, or any other emergency issues to the property managing company.

For apartment and condominiums common area cleaning service, like the one described in this case study, please do not hesitate to contact us (703) 491-1462 or at Contact@Commercial1Services.Com