Gravel Roads Maintenance

Bravel Roads Maintenance Level 3 Communications

To complete this job successfully and in a timely matter, a steer skeet loader (Bobcat S-185) was dispatch to move, spread and level the gravel. Location A needed around 40 tons of #57 ¾ blue gravel, commonly used for paving driveways. The job was completed in less than half a day thanks to our skilled bobcat operator and coordination with management.
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Home Improvements

Home Improvements & Painting Real Property Management Capital

Commercial 1 Services provided full residential repairs and painting services for Real Property Management Capital (RPMC) during 2018 and 2019. During this time and we successfully completed numerous projects involving home repairs, maintenance, painting, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom renovations, carpet cleaning, and 24 hours emergency service
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Concrete Driveway

Building a Concrete Driveway

(Stafford, VA)

51 yards of concrete were required to build this custom-driveway for a residence in the Stafford County. The driveway was requested to be a strong concrete mix for the mobilization of heavy-duty trucks, and equipment.
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Common Area Cleaning

Common Area Cleaning & Grounds Maintenance Oaks Condominium

(Laurel, MD)

Commercial 1 Services provides daily service to a large condominium complex in the heart of Laurel, MD. This residential complex encompasses five stand-alone buildings each with storage units, a gymnasium, trash collection area, and private parking lot.
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Collage Janitorial

Bedford Academic Center – CVCC

(Bedford, VA)

The Bedford Academic Center, an off-site campus, awarded the janitorial cleaning services with a 5-year contract - and eligible up to a 3-year extension - through a bidding process managed by the Common Wealth of Virginia.
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Playground Mulching Gallaudet University

(Washington, DC)

This case study depicts the different steps followed to complete this project from the beginning until its completion. The whole project took 6 days to be completed involving site survey, miss utility approval, excavation, liners allocation, mulching, cleaning up and lawn restoration.
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Pressure Washing

High-Rise Pressure Washing Walker Avenue Apartments

(UMBC, Baltimore, MD)

Commercial 1 Services (C1S) was hired to do a professional pressure washing for the Walker Avenue Apartments. This student residence complex consists of 12 tall buildings which belong to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).
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Landscaping Design Olive Garden

(Fredericksburg, VA)

On July 2017, the well-known Italian restaurant in Fredericksburg Virginia, Olive Garden, went through a major landscape redesign and exterior renovation. Commercial 1 Services was the company in charge to make that happened.
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Floor Restoration

Floor Restoration Project American Correctional Association

(Alexandria, VA)

The American Correctional Association (ACA), formerly known as the National Prison Association, is the oldest and largest international correctional association in the world. The ACA is a 6-story office building located in heart of old town Alexandria, Virginia with over 36,000 sq. ft. of office space.
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