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Janitorial Services

Your space should always be a reflection of your brand— top-of-the-line, industry standard and user-friendly. We keep every nook and corner clean and spotless so that your organization’s mission and vision can be carried out with no distraction.

COVID-19 Disinfecting

The health of employees, customers and guests can never be sacrificed. We ensure to keep your building disinfected from COVID-19 so business can carry on as usual. It’s a new normal and we are prepared to meet it head on.


We work with your existing design and elevate its potential, consulting with your team to ensure our work parallels to your special vision. Whether it be incorporating more green, layering in organic gardens or fixtures and more, we are here to make blueprints reality.

Snow Removal

There are many weather patterns we cannot control but with snow, you have the option to let us remove its debris of your space, court yard, parking lot— you name it. Business should never have to suffer due to the season.

Floor Maintenance

Keep your facility looking fresh and clean with our trusted floor maintenance professionals. First impressions are essential and brand consistency is key— upkeep your physical space for both!

Irrigation System

Be rest assured that Commercial 1 Services will provide you with the safety and security you need for your irrigation system needs. With our professional expertise and bountiful experience, we know how to work with the landscape of your company or home.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can tie a room or a venue together but the opposite can be true when there are stains, debris or other items that mitigate the presentation. Whether it’s the red carpet or the rug in the pantry, our services lend a hand with any carpet needs.

Carpet Installation

When it comes to carpet installation, Commercial 1 Services is here to provide industry best. With precision, optimization and effective collaboration, we ensure all measurements, prior carpet or baseboard removal and disposal, as well as final product are executed flawlessly.

Window Washing

Your home, business or brand has bigger things to worry about than window washing— so let us get the job done. With consistency and efficacious cleaning practices, we can leave your windows spotless— no fuss, no muss!

Concrete Projects

One of the most reliable and durable structures, concrete is as safe an investment as they come. Let us work on foundational pieces you need whether it be sidewalks, posts, steps or other concrete needs. We are here to give you a superstructure that stands the tests of time!

Pressure Washing

Like with anything in life, if you leave dirt and grime unattended for too long, it only continues to build. So, let us pressure wash the sidewalk outside your business or the parking lot outside your restaurant— and make your life a little easier!

Home Renovations

Interior design is like indoor landscaping— we’re here to care about the details so the big picture can be exactly what you want and need. It’s amazing what refurnishing and renovating can do for the essence and feel of a facility, home, storefront or more.


What might seem like a simple task can become a tedious hassle— so why not let us take over? With the right splash of color and precise stroke of the brush, we can help make each room a masterpiece, each corner a safe space.

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Case Studies

Bravel Roads Maintenance Level 3 Communications

To complete this job successfully and in a timely matter, a steer skeet loader (Bobcat S-185) was dispatch to move, spread and level the gravel. Location A needed around 40 tons of #57 ¾ blue gravel, commonly used for paving driveways. The job was completed in less than half a day thanks to our skilled bobcat operator and coordination with management.
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Home Improvements & Painting Real Property Management Capital

Commercial 1 Services provided full residential repairs and painting services for Real Property Management Capital (RPMC) during 2018 and 2019. During this time and we successfully completed numerous projects involving home repairs, maintenance, painting, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom renovations, carpet cleaning, and 24 hours emergency service
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Building a Concrete Driveway

51 yards of concrete were required to build this custom-driveway for a residence in the Stafford County. The driveway was requested to be a strong concrete mix for the mobilization of heavy-duty trucks, and equipment.
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